ISOC Board Open Forum, Thursday-Friday, 10-11 November 2016

Dear ISOC Members,

The Board of Trustees will again hold a Board Open Forum during its next face-to-face meeting, in Hyderabad. This is to invite you to join the forum, in person or remotely. The meeting will be held on Thursday-Friday, 10-11 November.
The Board Open Forum will take Place on 10 November 15:45 to 16:15 (IST) / 10:15 to 10:45 (UTC).

Topics for the Board Open Forum will include:

  1. ISOC Strategic Objective 2b: Enabling Safe and Trusted Internet discussion – purpose to provide an update, discuss and seek further input from members.
  2. ISOC’s engagement with its membership – purpose to present a model, discuss and to seek further feedback from members.

We will welcome your comments on these.

The forum will be recorded for those of you unable to join in real time.

A link to the recording will be placed on the agenda page after the board meeting has concluded.

We also encourage you to observe any public sessions of the Board meeting of interest to you. Only the items listed on the agenda under the heading “Move to Executive Session” are closed to observers.

Please see the agenda page at the ISOC website

( for the items to be discussed, the remote participation link and — if you will be in Hyderabad — the location of the Meeting.

More information on in-person and remote participation in ISOC Board meetings, and on our remote participation tool, Zoom, can be found on the Guidelines for Observers page of the ISOC website


I hope to see you in Hyderabad or online!


Gonzalo Camarillo

Chair, ISOC Board of Trustees