CryptoFinance Live

We are upon the dawn of a new financial revolution. Since the launch of Bitcoin 8 years ago there has been a tremendous development in the underlying Blockchain-technology, and now there are over 700 cryptocurrencies.

Ned Scott (U.S), CEO of Steemit Inc, one of the largest cryptocurrencies out there, and the leading Blockchain-based Social Media platform is presenting the future of CryptoCurrencies and how new innovative Blockchain-solutions is transforming the world of Finance & Media. BitSpace is hosting a live demonstration showing the inside workings of CryptoFinance.

A panel consisting of the leading Nordic banks, financial regulatory consultants, CryptoCurrency authors & investors will look into the challenges and opportunities, and how existing business models and industries are being transformed.


18.00: Welcome by Manuel Lains, CEO, BitSpace

18.05: Future CryptoCurrencies & Social Media, Ned Scott, CEO Steemit.

18.50: Live demonstration: “Inside workings of CryptoFinance”

19.10: Fireside Chat: Ned Scott, CEO Steemit & Martin Hauge, CryptoCurrency Investor 19.30: Networking Break

20.00: Panel with Nordea, FCG, Creandum, Steemit, NBF moderated by BitSpace

20.45: CryptoFinance Hackathon showcases

21.00: Afterparty at the FinTech Factory

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